Call for Submissions || Organisers || Tentative Schedule || Accessibility

In general, we will adapt the schedule flexibly according to people’s needs and allow multiple ways of participating in the workshop activities at different times and remotely

Next to the general accessibility information regarding the conference venue, we will work closely with the accessibility chairs to ensure that sign language translation and closed captioning for our workshop. Please let us know of sign language requirements beyond ASL. 

Fragrances can cause headaches, nausea, rashes, and other intense adverse reactions in people with various chemical sensitivities. Please help us create a low fragrance event to protect other attendees from illness by limiting the use of scented hygiene products.

While financial accessibility to the conference is a general problem, we encourage junior researchers in particular to apply to this workshop. As to not require them to solicit additional funding, fees for this workshop will be reimbursed for all participants.

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