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Call for Submissions

Moving Forward Together: Effective Activism for Change

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As computing has increasingly contributed to different aspects of life, considerations of ethics, values, accessibility, diversity, and inclusivity have become more urgent. The human-computer interaction community has helped to give such issues visibility and emphasis, even while recognizing how much work is yet to be done. This addresses ways we can build on that foundation to continue to improve our community and the world, while acknowledging the difficulty of the problems, the understandable disagreements about how best to pursue them, and the fact that these issues hit home for thousands of participants and volunteer organizers alike.

The aim of this one-day workshop is to provide a forum for HCI researchers and practitioners to review and practice a wide range of strategies and tactics that drive effective and creative activism. The participants will learn theories and concepts that help us understand how we might enact change, reflect on concrete principles that can guide activism design effectively, and share and curate cases of inspiring and successful activist initiatives to address emerging challenges we face doing activist work. The main objectives of the workshop are to bring together HCI researchers interested in activism and develop an agenda for future HCI research and practice in direct action.

To participate, we ask you to prepare a short position statement (2-6 pages using the CHI 2020 Extended Abstract Format) in which you 1) identify an issue around activism in HCI which you believe is important for the field to address and 2) document a way in which you feel you have been effective in addressing that issue, either within a SIGCHI related event or function, or elsewhere in the world. The document should also include a short author biography.

Submissions (PDF format) should be sent to by February 21st, 2020 (5:00PM EST) (updated!) and will be reviewed based on relevancy to the workshop. At least one co-author of each accepted submission should attend the workshop, which will happen on Sunday, April 26th, 2020 as part of CHI 2020 in Honolulu, Hawaii.

We welcome any inquiries about possible contributions. Please contact the workshop organizers at